Suggested Reading

There is always time for a good book!

I love reading, and I have used many books as part of my research. My main areas of interest are psychology, teamwork, philosophy, culture, history, biographies, coaching, systems thinking, and leadership.

I have put together a reading list of some of my favourite books that have influenced my thinking and which I believe will inspire you.


Adaptive Triads Framework

I am working as an Academic Tutor at the University of Warwick, leading on a yearly basis the research of a team of Masters’ students on Leadership, Teamwork, Organisational Culture, and Agile Product Development. 

Following years of research I have put together a framework for efficient organisational design and structure, the Adaptive Triads FrameworkThe goal of the Framework is to take advantage of our natural inclination to organise in threes. 

In essence, it recommends a minimum structure of collaboration. Ideally no more than 3 people or groups of people at any one time at any particular task, challenge or problem. This allows self-organisation, flexibility, and autonomy. 

You can read more here.